The inductive proximity switch is a sensor which is designed for non-contact detection on metallic and galvanic objects.
The inductive proximity switch is a basic element in industrial automation. They are used as a non-contact position switch e.g. for detection, counting or sorting of workpieces and rotation sensor with a switching frequency up to 20 kHz.The safe detecting of particles as well as fast procedures is possible.

Capacitive sensors are designed for non-contact sensing of non-metal objects. The operating distance of capacitive sensors can vary considerably. Conductive materials can be detected at the largest distances. Reduction factors for different metals don´t have to be observed. The operating distance for non-conductive depends on the dielectric constant.
The larger the dielectric constant, the greater the operating distance. Therefor damp wood has an signi´Čücant higher operating distance than dry wood. 

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